3 ways to save money with automated access management systems

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3 ways to save money with automated access management systems

Identity and access control is an essential part of ensuring a company’s information security. Thus, investing in robust and automated Access Management systems is the best way to keep your company’s information secure.

These systems help to mitigate legal risks and can generate positive impacts on efficiency and productivity, mainly for the IT and HR teams which deal with dozens of requests of access permission and revocation on a daily basis. Healthcare operators are examples of companies which have implemented the Cap2AM solution by Iteris and reduced the support ticket volume in a short time based on order automation and higher added value IT work.

Therefore, it is not surprising that countless companies around the world have adopted Access Management systems: according to MarketsAndMarkets, the global market value of access management systems is expected to reach US$ 14.82 billion in 2021.

But there is more to it than that. Digital Access Management solutions can save costs and significantly optimize resources. Gartner estimates that, a company with 10,000 employees can have a achieve a return on investment (ROI) of approximately 300% by adopting an automated access management system.

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    Below, check out the three main savings points that organizations can achieve by adopting automated access management systems:

    1. Increased team productivity

    With the ease of opening support calls, receiving responses in a short time and using the company’s systems remotely to have quick access to the tools they need to work from day one, employees can have autonomy and eliminate time-consuming tasks from their routine. In addition, they do not depend on the managers’ or IT staff’ availability to carry out activities such as resetting passwords or having access to an internal portal, for example.

    2. Reduced IT and HR costs

    Reduced IT and HR costs

    From hiring to the dismissal of employees, IT and HR teams can work in an integrated manner to create the employee corporate identity and provide the required access to their jobs. In a manual system, both areas need to wait for the completion of processes which can take days or hours, in order to continue with the next actions. In integrated and automated systems, these tasks can be completed in hours or minutes. In addition, they release IT and HR professionals from low-value-added tasks to focus on more strategic activities for the company.

    3. Lower compliance risks and ease for audits

    Traceability and data integration are some of the benefits provided of systems like Cap2AM. Besides assuring compliance, these systems save staff time and money when compiling records for internal and external audits and can avoid errors that occur more often in manual systems. Consequently, they contribute to increased operation reliability and organizational results.

    In a hypothetical scenario of sensitive data leakage, the company has to be agile to response and act in order to mitigate administrative issues and legal risks due to potential GDPR sanctions resulting in infraction or fine. What are your company’s systems? On which systems do you store sensitive data? Who has access to these systems? Who approves access to these systems or other functionalities? Are there any exceptions to role creep? Companies using Cap2AM has answered all these questions.

    Cap2AM is an IG&A (Identity Governance and Administration) solution that establishes an integrated and effective task flow among the main corporate systems and resources, allowing organizations to have a comprehensive synergy among governance, usability, integration and auditing.

    To know more about the benefits can provided by Cap2AM for your company and how we can help you overcome the deployment challenges, click here.

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