What RBAC is and how it can help your company

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What RBAC is and how it can help your company

RBAC (Role Based Access Control or Role Based Security), is an approach based on the assignment of access rights to users in a company’s structure. In details, RBAC is an access control mechanism implemented in a company’s information security system aiming to efficiently grant specific permissions to execute certain functions and tasks.

Within this scope, it is up to respective structure to audit role permissions, user roles and role relations to facilitate the assignments to users, thus ensuring the proper granting of permissions based strictly on the access right required for each task.

Why choose RBAC?

Why is it recommended to opt for RBAC?

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    Choosing RBAC-based data protection strategies enhances the organization’s operational performance, actively protecting the information exchanged among users against potential leaks and thus ensuring an effective Information Security.  In this way, a company can grants employees only the access permissions strictly required for their job description.

    RBAC implementation

    When implementing Role-based Access Control, it is recommended that the company to do it in three distinct steps:

    • Defining resources and services for users

    During the employee on-boarding, it is recommended that the company chooses the data type that the employee can access during the journey in the organization, such as e-mail or CRM systems, cloud, among others environments;

    • Creating of a role list

    Based on the employee position, the company can delimit effectively the functions and access permission required for each demand within the employee job scope;

    • Assigning employees to specific groups with defined roles

    By assigning employees to specific access bunkers, the company develops a more effective and efficient control, quickly detecting potential errors, frauds and access to internal systems by no-authorized third parties.

    When assigning a person to manage role-associated permissions, the company is automatically delegated the task of granting or revoking  access requests to this person. A recommended management in this context is a data analysis and monitoring platform, which provides the technology and information security team with alert systems for potential malicious accesses, thus preventing invasions and promoting data privacy.

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