What is Identity and Access Management?

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What is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and Access Management: what is it and how can it transform your company’s operations?



According to Gartner, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is “the discipline that allows the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time and for the right reasons”.

In practice, we are talking about a set of systems, processes and standards used in synergy so that the IT and HR teams can effectively regulate resources, authenticate access rights, monitor and manage identities throughout the users’ business lifecycle.


The key IAM components include:

  • Organization and categorization of identities, defining roles, responsibilities and access flows
  • Regulation and revocation of user access to data and systems
  • Updated access history and database
  • Centralized identity, establishing a single login for multiple accesses
  • Use of tools to create, monitor, modify and delete access rights
  • Login audit systems and user history
  • Automatic provisioning, ensuring that the system performs actions linked to permissions autonomously
  • Centralized and continuous authentication


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    Identity and Access Management benefits

    ARTIGO_O que é gestão de identidades e acessos_IMG-01 (1).png

    After implementing an Identity and Access Management system, we can identify short and long term positive impacts, with emphasis on better use of the organization’s time and resources, increased information security and compliance with business rules and legislation. Next, check out the relevance of Identity and Access Management for these three main points:


    1. Productivity and Strategic Integration: By centralizing, automating and standardizing IT and HR tasks, Identity and Access Management systems help to reduce the number of decentralized requests orders or requests via email, as well support ticketing. On a daily basis, this is reflected in time optimization, increased collaboration among areas and higher added value to the strategic work.
    2. Data Security: By ensuring access rights to corporate assets and data on platforms, systems and networks, Identity and Access Management plays a crucial role in ensuring data security. Its permission, authentication and credential monitoring tools help protect against data breaches, cyberintrusions and data leaks, as well identity theft and illegal access to confidential information.
    3. Corporate Governance: With Identity and Access Management, companies end up creating regulations for roles and permissions, and complying with legal requirements, such as GDPR/LGPD, by implementing standards and best practices to ensure organizational governance.

    To know more about Identity and Access Management benefits and challenges, check out our Guide for Access and Identity Management: Why and how to implement it” .


    CAP2AM is an Identity Governance and Administration (IG&A) solution that establishes an integrated and effective flow among the main corporate systems and resources, ensuring a full synergy among governance, usability, integration and auditing.

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