Data Manager and Digital Transformation: how to manage access securely in the era of digitalization and remote work?

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Data Manager and Digital Transformation: how to manage access securely in the era of digitalization and remote work?

The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly introduced an unprecedented acceleration in the corporate digitization. And, after a period of challenges and adaptations, we can already notice that some changes came stay, such as large-scale remote work and more investments in information security for remote access.

Companies around the world are increasingly relying on their data to transform and increase daily operations, as the number of devices, frequency of accesses and volume of requests have changed rapidly. In this scenario, the importance of the Data Manager’s work with developers and information technology teams as a whole is evident, as well as the implementation of smart data and access management solutions to overcome challenges and reach a new phase of process digitalization in the organizations.

The Data Manager is responsible for monitoring and analyzing data to improve processes focused on efficiency, integrity, cost reduction, visibility and integration. Therefore, this figure is essential for companies to make more strategic and data-driven decisions.

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    Below, we list the 4 key points where the Data Manager’s role in access management ensures that companies overcome challenges and keep pace with the accelerated digital transformation:

    1. Compliance and Regulation

    By considering data and operations strategically, Data Manager helps the company to comply with legal obligations and adapt to new regulations, such as the LGPD (General Data Protection Law), which came into force in the country in September 2020 and sets limits for collection, storage and treatment of data and personal information.


    2. Governance and Permissions

    It is very usual for technical teams (developers, data analysts, support analysts, among others) to have higher access levels within a company’s ecosystem, as they end up participating in dozens of projects, support services, deployments and reporting jobs in their daily routine. One of the benefits of having operations based on integrated access management systems, such as Iteris CAP2AM, is to ensure corporate governance for organizations. These solutions help to mitigate compliance risks by providing centralized control of permissions and information, in addition to improved visibility of who can access what, and what information will be visible to employees, and who has approved access rights, and how long that access permission will remain valid.


    3. Consolidation of processes and systems

    The lack of processes, systems and strategies contributes to inaccurate data and directly and negatively affect the companies’ operation reliability, while impacting the progress of daily activities. With the Data Manager’s and team’s continuous focus on data, the organization can guarantee higher fluidity and visibility into essential processes, such as access granting and revocation processes, inside and outside the company.


    4. Driving a data culture

    Areas and leaders representing digital transformation in practice are very valuable for companies to reach significant changes in their operations and make a leap in their data culture, investing more and more in the knowledge and resources required for a more efficient data and access management.


    Finally, when organizations consider the Data Manager and data professional roles more strategically, they can see their processes more adequately, guiding decision making focused on better results, while implementing more robust projects.

    Just to intrigue you, think about how much would a data leak cost your company in reputation and financial resources?

    CAP2AM is an Identity Governance and Administration (IG&A) solution that establishes an integrated and effective flow among the main corporate systems and resources, ensuring a full synergy among governance, usability, integration and auditing.

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