Access Certification: How it can help increase your company’s information security

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Access Certification: How it can help increase your company’s information security


Access Certification is one of the measures to ensure and contribute to information security in organizations. A process to validate rights of access to systems, it complies with security risk management.

Due to this mechanism – that is materialized through the Access Control, business and compliance areas can go hand in hand, formally validating system users with the appropriate access rights.

Companies apply access certification practices to:

  • Understand who has access to each system, application and piece of data;
  • Identify inactive accounts;
  • Validate that the assigned access is appropriate;
  • Revoke inappropriate access rights;
  • Seek formal confirmation of the final access list and evidence of document review for audit and compliance purposes.

During the Access Certification use, organizations need pay attention to the following steps:

  • Definition of certification procedures for data collection, distribution, review and correction of errors;
  • Establishment of certification frequency – at least, once a year;
  • Identification of sources of information to be the basis of certification purposes;
  • Assignment of a project leader and certification managers who will review the rights;
  • Definition of deadlines to meet certification goals and reduce risks by eliminating unauthorized access rights;
  • Development of metrics to improve processes demonstrating risk mitigation;
  • Regular education and training about certification for every stakeholder.

Is automated access certification really effective?

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    Access Certification is an extremely complex procedure for organizations focused on regulatory compliance-based IAM (Identity Access Management)  Automated solutions help increase the access validation accuracy and effectiveness.

    After adopting access certification as an internal policy, organizations has tools to clearly understand the users’ identities and rights of access to services and business data, establishing controls so that access happens correctly at the time of certification.

    With an automated solution, companies can comply with requirements at minimal cost. In addition, the return on investment (ROI) can be extended across the organizations based on data collected during the IAM recertification in order to refine the identity and access management program.

    The importance of frequent access certification

    The continuous review of access certification is required to maintain the entire ecosystem security, providing protection against access violation and breach of compliance rules.

    Periodic recertification, based on the organization’s processes and needs, ensures that users will not have additional access rights as they remain on the company’s staff, preventing the access to privileged information when employees are dismissed.

    CAP2AM is an Identity Governance and Administration (IG&A) solution that establishes an integrated and effective flow among the main corporate systems and resources, ensuring a full synergy among governance, usability, integration and auditing.

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