7 essential applications to be integrated with Identity and Access Management systems

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7 essential applications to be integrated with Identity and Access Management systems

Adopting technological solutions for remote access from different devices is already a reality for many companies around the world. Such tools, based on cloud computing, operate focused on cost reduction and increased data security and productivity. Considering also the current expansion of digitalization, it is to be expected that the Identity and Access Management is a central concern for organizations.

By defining and regulating the access and identity profiles, the management systems help integrate work of IT and HR. They also required by companies seeking to be more assertive in their security policies and strategic decisions based on data integrity.

However, for identity and access management solutions to bring effective results and be incorporated into everyday activities, it is essential to have connectors in their specifications. This means that they need to be able to work in an integrated way with other systems and applications used by companies, providing them with synergy and efficiency.

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    Below, we list the 7 main types of connectors that intelligent access management systems, such as Iteris CAP2AM, must provide to ensure an effective and strategic management and interconnected with other applications:

    1. Active Directory

    Active Directory

    This Microsoft software is a LDAP directory service to store information over a network and makes that information available to users and administrators. With its application, users depend on just one password to access all the resources available on this network and on the accessible domain, such as the company’s main system or the e-mail box, for example.


    2. Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365

    The on-line subscription version for the Microsoft application suite focused on productivity and simultaneous work is in the daily lives of companies of all sizes and industries, It brings together a series of features accessed on the desktop or remotely.


    3. Exchange Server

    Exchange Server

    Microsoft Exchange Server is an e-mail server only for Windows platforms. As it is based on security and flexibility pillars, for example, it is an important tool for the corporate world.


    4. RH and ERP systems

    RH and ERP systems

    RH and ERP solutions are increasingly essential by helping organizations to access data and information quickly and an integrated way, allowing them to set goals and achieve business objectives. The main RH and ERP solutions in the Brazil market are provide by companies like ADP, APDATA, LG, Senior and SAP.


    5. Security connectors

    Security connectors

    When it comes to applications developed on older technologies (ASP, VB6, Delphi, .Net, PHP, etc.), it is important to offer ease in creating security connectors so that the solution can grant and revoke access permissions and enable and disable users. CAP2AM, for example, provides an integration accelerator, shortening the time to create new connectors and enable the integration parameterization in minutes.


    6. API REST

    Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of coding standards that provide data and information for countless applications used in the companies’ daily lives. REST is one of these coding sets which is  based on the Representational State Transfer, an architectural style and approaches to develop on-line services.


    7. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    This is an automation alternative for repetitive or operational tasks. RPA uses automation software as a foundation which can be configured to perform tasks.


    Iteris provides the best solutions to ensure that your company efficiency will be productive and efficient. CAP2AM, our Identity and Access Management solution, offers synergy among usability, governance and integration with other applications. To learn more, click here.

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